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HCAE Programs

Discover the diverse range of programs offered by HCAE, designed to empower and engage individuals of all ages. From thought-provoking discussions to character-building activities, there's something for everyone!

Weekly Discourse

Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow young adults on relevant topics that shape our community. Explore different perspectives and broaden your understanding of the world around us.

Junior Youth Empowerment

Empower the next generation through our Junior Youth Empowerment program, tailored for ages 11 to 14. Foster leadership skills, critical thinking, and personal growth in a supportive and inclusive environment with a large focus on moral and virtue building. 

Service projects are also an important aspect of this program. Where youth bake cookies and write bookmarks to share with community members, organize cleanups, and make hampers for gardeners and more.

Children's Group

Join our Children's Group, where we nurture morals and values in children aged 7 to 10. Through interactive activities and engaging discussions, we inspire young minds to become compassionate and responsible individuals.

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